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  • Very easy to use. Good quality - retain all multimedia files and animations into DVD. Professional DVD memus.
  • The DVD menu is the highlight. I like those templates
  • Import batch is another great features so I can even create my own Hollywood blockbuster. Well done Moyea!

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What Can Students Do with PowerPoint to DVD Burner?

Burning PowerPoint to DVD brings lots of benefits to students, while some people still haven't realized this. There are some questions like this in the forums: why I must burn PowerPoint to DVD? It is not a must, but it can offer students more convenience and ease. Then how on earth can students benefit from burning PPT to DVD? Be patient to read further.

For storing precious memory in photo slideshow

Students’ life, whether exciting or dull, is a precious part of the whole life. Photos we took are important witnesses of the sweet moments, so it is necessary to preserve our happy memory through photos. At this time, we can make a photo slideshow first and then burn the PowerPoint slideshow to DVD! PowerPoint offers us a platform to add animations and multimedia elements like Flash movie, audio, etc to the photo albums. The other thing is that bulk of PowerPoint slideshows can be stored in DVD of big storage space for a long time.

For preserving bulk of PowerPoint courseware or files

Nowadays teachers like presenting the lesson with PowerPoint courseware. It is so troublesome to write down the content and usually teachers explain so fast that students may fail to copy the materials down. Many students also download the PowerPoint presentation, and that’s a good idea. Usually what are on the courseware should be the essentials and valuable summaries of teachers’ content. If students want to preserve bulk of courseware from teachers of so many subjects for review in the future, they’d better back up the courseware by burning PowerPoint presentation to DVD. It is safe and simple.

For displaying presentation without computer and PowerPoint

Students, in some occasions, may not have a proper computer to play PowerPoint presentations. For example, some college students work as a voluntary teacher in backward regions. People there may not have a PC to play PowerPoint, but they may have TV and DVD. Therefore, students can burn the PowerPoint presentation to DVD, and play presentations on TV with DVD players.

Students can benefit from burning PowerPoint to DVD, and it is also easy to do the conversion with a PPT to DVD burner. Once they burn PowerPoint to DVD, students can enjoy the conveniences.

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