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  • I have this PowerPoint to FLV converter to make an amazing YouTube video out of simple PowerPoint.

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Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Standard

Only $59.95

Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Standard- PPT to DVD Video - Screenshot

Convert PowerPoint presentations to cute DVD movies for easy playback on DVD players.

Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Standard is an integrated application capable of converting and burning - to help you convert any PPT, PPS, POT, PPTX, PPSX files to standard DVD format, burn directly to a DVD disc, play with a DVD player via TV or projector, and work hassle-free on a different PC or even a Mac.

Click Reference to check more supported devices or formats.

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Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Pro

Leawo PowerPoint to DVD PRO is a professional PowerPoint tool that can perfectly convert PowerPoint to DVD and PowerPoint to video files in all formats for uploading to YouTube and transferring to Portable devices like iPod, iPhone, PSP, Apple TV, Zune, Creative Zen Player, Black Berry, etc. Meanwhile, it can be the best and most ideal solution if you are on business training or school lecturing, for it gives a good way to release you from a computer as well as easier presentations change.

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Key Features

Now feel these fantastic features in Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Standard...

Import & Improve

Simple Import of PowerPoint
Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Standard never seems sophisticated. It has a simple GUI for you to get a quick start. A single click on 'Add' or 'Import' takes in your PowerPoint file to convert. You can add in PowerPoint of any format, e.g. PPT, PPS, POT, PPTX, PPSX, POTX, etc.

Batch Processing of 12 PPT files
Got a pile of PowerPoint files to convert? It's a cinch with the PPT to DVD app. Take advantage of its batch processing feature, and you can have up to 12 PowerPoint files burned to DVD at once.

Custom Slide Properties
It's more than 'Import'! It is possible for you to make an improvement on your slides. With the 'Customize' feature, you can rename a slide, adjust a transition, and place in another image as thumbnail, to make your presentation look better.

Flexible Playbacks of DVD
The PPT to DVD burner supports both automatic and manual playbacks. To make the PowerPoint DVD loop play on DVD players or to have your own way of playback, it depends on you.

Edit & Enhance

Adjust DVD Parameters to Perfect
Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Standard converts your PowerPoint presentation to DVD that accords with 2 universal TV standards: NTSC and PAL/SACAM, available with 3 aspect ratios respectively as 1:1, 4:3 or 16:9.

Add DVD Menus to DVD Slideshow
A clear-cut DVD menu is a pleasure for remote control on your DVD player. Make your very DVD menu with the DVD menu creator of the burner. There are also preset exquisite menu templates for different occasions, e.g. Business, Education, Holiday, Sports, etc.

Personalize or Protect with Logo
Personality and safety. That is easy with the Logo feature of the converter. Add in a company trademark, your favorite avatar, or any other images, and make it a unique watermark to identify your PowerPoint DVD and prevent it from infringement.

Accompany Music to DVD Slideshow
Music makes a dynamic mood. With Leawo PPT to DVD Std, you can put in a sound for a certain slide or the whole DVD slideshow. Even, you can put yourself in to be closer to the audience, simply by recording your true narration.

Convert & Carve

Convert PowerPoint to DVD
Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Std makes it one-click-simple to convert your PowerPoint presentation to DVD of standard quality. And you get more than a DVD copy of your slideshow, but a refined result with music, mark, menu, etc.

Create DVD Image Files
Even without a DVD driver, you can turn a PPT file to DVD using the converter. Check the 'Creating DVD image file' box before burning. You will get DVD image files of a selected PPT. Later, burn the image files to disc with a 3rd-party DVD burner.

Keep complete of PPT Effects
You don't need to worry about the effects. Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Std keeps everything PowerPoint - animations, sounds, webcam videos, wipes, transitions, linked pictures or hyperlinks during conversion.

Burn DVD to Disc
It's not only a PowerPoint to DVD converter, but also a DVD burner. With a built-in burning engine in the software app, you can transform your PowerPoint presentations to DVD and burn directly to a blank disc.

Show & Share

Play Smoothly on DVD Players
MS PowerPoint is powerful in content authoring, but not the same powerful in delivering an idea across. By converting PowerPoint to universal DVD, Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Std makes it a breeze to play your PPT stuff on DVD players.

Watch on Any TV, Projector
Never thought of watching your PowerPoint creation like a TV program? It's true and tasty to make your PowerPoint pack into quality DVD with the third-party burner. Export the DVD disc, connect to a DVD player, hook to a TV or projector, and show to family, friends, classmates, colleagues, clients, etc.

Show at a Different PC or a Mac
Different computers, esp. different OSs, often cause compatibility trouble of your PowerPoint presentations. With Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Std, you can have your PowerPoint presentations in more universal DVD format, which can run across different PCs or even on a Mac.

Easier, Cheaper Distribution in DVD
If you're on a budget, and you cannot afford a media projector, take Leawo PPT to DVD Std as an alternative. After burning your PowerPoint creation to DVD, you may display it via a homely TV or send the DVD discs to target recipients.



Import Formats
MS PowerPoint 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010
Export Formats
Standard DVD for NTSC 4:3, PAL/SECAM 4:3, NTSC 16:9, PAL/SECAM 16:9

System Requirement

System Requirement
Microsoft PowerPoint Version 2000/2002/2003/2007/2010
Supported OS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win 7/8
Processor PentiumⅢ(500Hz) or above
Available Disk Space 2GB or larger free space
RAM  256MB at least
Additional DirectX 8.1 or above; DVD writer; Windows-compatible sound card


User Guides

How to Convert Your PowerPoint Presentation to Standard DVD?

Sounds Good?

Buy Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Standard($59.95)

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