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  • As to me, Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Pro is a clever choice for course presentation management.
  • Bored to give presentations exactly of the same again and again in the past, now I use the smart PowerPoint to DVD burner to do that once and for all.

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How to burn a PowerPoint presentation to DVD or Blu-ray Disc for TV?

Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Pro offers Office users of any age group an advanced ease of creating Blu-ray Disc as well as Standard DVD from a PPT presentation. In this section, you will learn how to burn a PowerPoint file to movie-feel DVD or Blu-ray Disc that can playback on a home TV attached with DVD or Blu-ray player, and that can work well across different computers regardless of a matching PowerPoint version.

You can also get a thorough idea of how to watermark a presentation to convert, add an audio track, choose a Blu-ray/DVD theme menu and make many other personifications with the PowerPoint to DVD Pro.

Get started: Install and Launch Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Pro .exe file
After download and installation, launch the .exe file of Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Pro, and you will get the following interface:

1. Import PowerPoint file(s)
Click Add or Import to fill in a PPT file (PowerPoint 2000 or later) for converting to DVD or Blu-ray Disc. You can add up to 12 PowerPoint presentations at once.

On the left File column, click on a presentation to browse related info analysis (i.e. File Information). Click Customize to edit slide properties of the PowerPoint file.

Play the slides automatically: Tick to enable your PPT file on automatic mode, which means all slides of it will be advanced without stop.
Transition time between slides: It specifies how long each slide is displayed, defaulted to 6 seconds.
Play the slides manually: Tick to enable your presentations on manual mode. All the slides will be advanced by Blu-ray/DVD remote control.

2. Set output options
Click Options in the menu bar to choose an output format for selected PowerPoint file. Then check the Create Standard DVD option if you want average quality DVD smaller in size.

Alternatively, choose Create Blu-ray Disc if you plan to enjoy your slideshow on Blu-ray Disc player.

Click Advanced Settings to customize the Blu-ray/DVD slideshow. The following interface appears:

In the above interface, adjust audio status in your PowerPoint file, size of slides, quality of video, audio codec, Blu-ray/DVD language code, Blu-ray/DVD menu parameters, and conversion status.

3. Create Blu-ray/DVD menu
Click Menu to build a theme frame for the output Blu-ray/DVD slideshow. Note that the Menu tab is grey if you selected the Convert to Video File option in the previous step.

Click the Menu button in the simulator to select the main menu for preview or edition.
Click Title to preview or edit a title menu.

From the Select Menu Templates drop-down list, you can choose a template for your Blu-ray/DVD menu. 15 preset Blu-ray/DVD themes are available under Menu. To DIY a Blu-ray/DVD menu, press the Menu Creator button on the right of the theme dropdown.

Select "Main Menu" to set background, button style, caption, and other properties for selected presentation. Choose "Title Menu" to select a playback mode for your DVD slideshow. To apply current settings to all the rest files, click Apply to all.

4. Add background music for output DVD or Blu-ray Disc
Click Music to add an audio file for your Blu-ray/DVD slideshow to be generated. The Music interface pops up.

Note that manual mode will enable the icons and . Click to add an audio file, or to record your own voice-cover as narration. Once completed, save it, and click to test the sound effect.
If you are unsatisfied with the result sound file, select it and click to remove it away.

5. Add trademark or avatar as logo of Blu-ray/DVD slideshow
To give a mark to output DVD or Blu-ray Disc, click on the "Logo" tab. There are two parts: Logo and Video Layout.

Under the Logo section, in the File (s) field, press "Add" button to input an image file, e.g. your company trademark, favorite avatar, as watermark (logo) for output DVD or Blu-ray Disc. This will personalize your PowerPoint work and protect it from prying hands.
In the "Video Layout" dropdown, resize and fill the file margin if necessary.

6. Burn PowerPoint to Blu-ray/DVD
To burn the PowerPoint file(s) directly to disc, you should first have a Blu-ray/DVD writer installed and a blank DVD or Blu-ray disc inserted on your PC. Otherwise, the Burn to disc option will be NOT available. Alternatively, you can make an ISO file by ticking "Creating Blu-ray/DVD image file". In the ISO file drop-down list, select a location for the ISO file from your local drive. In the Volume Label field, enter a label for your DVD or Blu-ray disc.

OK. Click Start to convert your presentations to Blu-ray/DVD and then burn the output to a disc. On the task pane, you should see Burn to disc after conversion, which means the program will burn the converted presentation to the disc you inserted in the Blu-ray/DVD writer.

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