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  • Very easy to use. Good quality - retain all multimedia files and animations into DVD. Professional DVD memus.
  • The DVD menu is the highlight. I like those templates
  • Import batch is another great features so I can even create my own Hollywood blockbuster. Well done Moyea!

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Convert and Burn PPS to DVD for Viewing on TV

About PPS

PPS is short for PowerPoint show. It can be opened directly into slide show view mode instead of edit view mode. Presentations with PPT extension would be opened in edit view mode.


Besides the different extension names, there is no other difference between PPS and PPT. The contents are the same and both can be viewed with PowerPoint or PowerPoint viewer.


How to save PPT to PPS?

Simply rename the extension of the PPT file to PPS file, PPT can be changed to PPS.
Or, you can use Save as feature of PowerPoint 2003 or 2002 to save PPT to PPS.
If you have PowerPoint 2007, you can also use the Save as function to save PPTX to PowerPoint show (PPSX) or PowerPoint 97-2003 show (PPS).


We usually receive many inspiring or funny PPS from our friends through emails. Sometimes, we want to share the PowerPoint show to the family members or friends who do not have computer with PowerPoint or PowerPoint viewer installed. Therefore, we may want to incorporate the PPS or PPSX files to our DVDs as DVD can be easily viewed on DVD player and more universal. Thus, almost anyone even who does not have PC can benefit from the awesome PPS files.

To view PPS on TV is a matter of converting PPS to DVD or burning PPS to DVD.

Here below you can find two solutions to convert and burn your PPS (PPSX) to DVD for viewing on TV through DVD player.

Solution One to Save PPS to DVD:

Use PPT to DVD converter solely

Use Wondershare PPT2DVD to burn your PPS along with PPSX, PPT, PPTX files to DVD directly.

Step-by-Step Guide

1) Download and install PPT to DVD converter. Launch it and mount an empty DVD disc.
2) Choose Standard DVD as the output choice.
3) Import PPS files or PPSX files, or even other PPT or PPTX files which you want to save to DVD.
4) Do choose the right TV standard and leave other advanced settings as default for the first testing.
4) Do choose the right TV standard and leave other advanced settings as default for the first testing.
5) Choose the right DVD menu theme you wanted or customize it.
6) Tick Burn to Disc and click start the converting and burning process.

Solution Two to Save PPS to DVD:

Use Wondershare PPT to Video converter and other video to DVD burner

Step 1:

Convert PPS (PPSX) to AVI, WMV or MPEG, MP4 or MOV video using PPT to Video converter.
1) Download and install.
2) Import PPS files or PPSX files.
3) Set the properties at your will.
4) Click Start button to convert PPS to Video.

Step 2:

Use other video to DVD burner like NERO, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro to edit and burn the output video to DVD.

If you do not have one such professional video to DVD burner software, you may also try our Wondershare Video to DVD burner. You can find the bundle in our special bundle center to get what you want with less.

After converting and burning PPS to DVD, the PowerPoint show files with PPS extension have been saved onto DVD now. You can view it on TV through DVD player without computer and PowerPoint, or PowerPoint viewer.
Enjoy it on TV and share it freely and widely.

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